Gospel Urgency

Jesus Christ is treasured above all else and held out as the hope of the world. We seek to share God's love next door and around the world.




Priority of Scripture

The Bible is God’s holy Word. Unique and infallible, the ancient words of Scripture reveal truth and guide us along the path of life; helping us as the Holy Spirit enables to practice wisdom and encourage one another.




Spirit-Led Worship

With high regard for the historic faith and a determined refusal to make idols of tradition or personal preference, we seek to follow the Spirit’s leading through worship that connects and values every generation.




Focused Prayer

We pray with a desperate dependence on God; whole-heartedly believing God hears and responds. Our practice of prayer is both individual and gathered but always focused and directed toward the God who hears and answers with grace and mercy.




Incarnational Presence

Nothing replaces personal presence. God demonstrated his love by coming to us, taking on the form of humanity. We follow Jesus into the brokenness and messiness of the world to do what we can wherever we can to care for others and share the Gospel.




People and Relationships

God’s love is for everyone. This love is expressed through "come as you are" acceptance. Every person, regardless of appearance, background, or experiences matters because every person bears the indelible image of God. We are in this together.




Every Member Ministry

Every person has a place and every follower of Christ is uniquely gifted by God to serve. Enabled by the Holy Spirit we work to help everyone discover and use their gifts to serve and find fulfillment in God’s family.




Life Transformation

In Christ is found both newness of life and the highest and clearest example for loving and following God.  Yet we know everyone is at a different place on life’s journey. We seek to be a place where imperfect people encounter the love of God first-hand; and 'come as you are' acceptance becomes the catalyst for a changed life.



Linwood Wesleyan Church

1101 E 57th Street

Sioux Falls, SD 57108



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