Link Groups at Linwood are a place for you to connect with others in the "chain of faith" as we grow together. Like a carabiner used in mountain climbing, connecting with others helps us gain new ground, overcome obstacles and climb to new heights.


We are each a link in the chain...always stronger together.  Join a Link Group today to GROW by learning more from the Word of God and getting to know others who can walk this journey with you.



Can I switch groups if I need or want to? 

Link Groups are set up to cover a study in 4-8 weeks, with various topics.  This allows for participants to come and go according to the needs of their life’s schedule.  Ideally, participants complete a series, unless a need arises.



Can my children come?

Each Link Group arranges this according to its own needs.  Some accommodate children; others make other arrangements for them.  Check with the Link Group leader.  Nursery is provided at the church on Wednesday evenings.



How often do the topics change?

Studies can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks and vary with each topic.  Some studies allow for members to join in the middle; others need to start at the beginning.



Do I need to be a member of the church to attend a Link Group?




Where does each class meet?

On Wednesday nights, Link Groups meet at the church.  Link Groups that meet at other times typically meet in homes.

Linwood Wesleyan Church

1101 E 57th Street

Sioux Falls, SD 57108



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