Adult Ministry

Discipleship / Disciple-Making

Banding Together BooksWe’ve put a lot of emphasis on Discipleship and Disciple-Making. You might wonder, “What’s the difference? Aren’t they the same thing?” They are the same, but there’s one important difference: Discipleship is a noun, and Disciple-Making is a verb.

If you’ll take a trip back to eighth grade English class with me, the importance of the distinction will make more sense. When we started in 2020 with a Focus on Discipleship, we set our attention on what a disciple was, how one acted, and why it mattered. As we moved into 2021, we recognized Jesus was clear in the Great Commission that to BE a disciple is to MAKE disciples.

That can start for each of us in making sure we’re making ourselves a disciple. Engaging scripture regularly, applying what we learned, building fellowship and accountability into our lives, praying for and reaching out to the lost, and continually growing as a follower of Christ. A primary tool we have engaged in this process is our Banding Together Journals, which includes a daily reading plan, a personal journal, and an outline for group meetings.

The good news, we’re seeing a lot of fruit as more people are engaging scripture regularly throughout the week, meeting in groups, and deepening their relationship with Jesus. To date, over 20 individuals were trained to start, to lead a Banding Together group, and over 12 groups are currently meeting regularly, with over 50 participants.

We had our first Night of Worship and Sharing. It was a powerful time of hearing the impact that the Banding Together Journals and Group meetings were having on individuals throughout our Family of Families. And we’re just getting started.

Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Have you ever wondered what Spiritual Gifts are and how God might have gifted you for impact in your local church? We now have a free online spiritual gifts assessment available that includes a full report of your gifts. Once completed, you can schedule a meeting with a pastor to discuss where your gifts might best be employed.


Can I switch groups if I need or want to?
Link Groups are set up to cover a study in 4-8 weeks, with various topics. This allows for participants to come and go according to the needs of their life’s schedule. Ideally, participants complete a series, unless a need arises.
Can my children come?
Each Link Group arranges this according to its own needs. Some accommodate children; others make other arrangements for them. Check with the Link Group leader. Nursery is provided at the church on Wednesday evenings.
How often do the topics change?
Studies can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks and vary with each topic. Some studies allow for members to join in the middle; others need to start at the beginning.


Where does each class meet?
On Wednesday nights, Link Groups meet at the church. Link Groups that meet at other times typically meet in homes.