Missions & Outreach

At Linwood, we dream of a church that shares the love of Jesus next door and around the world. There are so many ways you can be a part of making that dream a reality. From serving local non-profits and schools to making an impact through one of our global partnerships – you can be a part of taking Linwood outside the walls.

Church in Nepal

Global Partnerships

Tom & Grace Ensz – Brazil
"Peter & Brenda" – "Asia/Pacific"
Will & Jo Ruck – Japan
Jen & CJ Ward – North Carolina
Ben Ward – Singapore
Keith & Saundra Nash – Nepal
Brenda (Burgos) Seagers – Ministry to
Missionary Kids
Aaron Meyers – Crescent Project
John & Abby Van Peursem – Zambia
"Mark & Lauren" – "Northern Africa"
He Sapa Native American Ministries – South Dakota

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