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Continuing our Legacy of Disciples-Making

You could pass Linwood by as a simple medium sized-congregation of 250 people. But at its heart, Linwood is a Family of Families built on a legacy of creating a movement of church planting and disciple making.

In 1999, Linwood dreamed of planting another church within its own city to reach a new demographic of families. Linwood planted Celebrate Community Church, which now welcomes over 3,000 people to their weekly services.

In 2009, with the ever-growing population of Sioux Falls, Linwood dreamed the unthinkable and planted a second church to hit a different target demographic. Linwood planted The Ransom Church, which now welcomes over 2,000 people to their weekly services.

In 2019, as we cheer on our church plants birthing new churches across The United States, Linwood has ventured into a new dream; helping upcoming pastors win and equipping them with ministerial success. Thus, the launch of our Residency Program. This is our passion because we have rooted it in our DNA for over 50 years.

Not an Internship. Hands on Practical Ministry to Help Residents Succeed.

They often design internships to have you watch, observe, and complete the tasks no one else wants to do. Our residency equips the individual while in the trenches of ministry. We chose to equip, invest, and develop ministry leaders through our pastoral residency. We designed this leadership development program for emerging leaders who feel called to vocational church ministry and desire ministry experience in a vibrant church.

Residents can expect to be coached as you serve amongst the staff of Linwood during your two years here. We place residents in specialized areas to help focus on their pastoral goals through our unique teams. We offer residency in Lead Pastor and Student Ministries (grades 6th–12th).

The best part: our residents get the best of both worlds. Through our unique partnership with The Ransom Church, our residents will experience a residency training ground unlike any other program; being fully immersed in different cultures/styles of programing from both churches, developing moldable tools to fit future success in ministry, and intermixing of other Awaken residents through our tested leadership training with the collaboration of The Ransom Church and Linwood Leadership Team.

Residency Students
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Who Should Consider Residency?

The residency is designed to provide a hands on ministry experience for those who are called to vocational ministry. Ideally, applicants will have a college education, some ministry experience and are looking to develop ministry and leadership skills.

When does Linwood Residency begin and end?

Starting dates vary on the availability of the candidates. This two year program starts in the summer. We prefer to start at the beginning of June, but understand that may not be feasible for all. As a church, we choose to be flexible with each resident as we begin to work together. Inquire with us personally if you have any specific timeline concerns.

How many hours a week?

Approximately 29 hours per week are set for program involvement.

Can women apply for this program?

As Wesleyans, we fully embrace women in ministry and provide equal opportunity for women to apply for this program. For more information on our viewpoints, please view Women In Ministry.

Is Residency Paid?

Salary/Stipend is $1,200 a month for the first 12 months and $1,400 for the second 12 months. We do not provide housing however upon arrival we will provide an additional $1,000 to help cover apartment down deposits, travel, and home furnishing supplies. We do not withhold taxes and recipients must plan ahead during tax season. South Dakota has no state tax.

Where can I get the details of this program?

By downloading our Residency Interest Packet.

Developmental Elements

Ministry Experience
Hands on ministry that qualifies as supervised ministry towards ordination

Ministry Coaching
Personal coach for ministry-specific questions

Personal Development Coaching
Equips you to be successful both personally and in ministry

Leadership Development
Weekly teachings centered around pastoral leadership topics

Experience a unique environment with a dynamic staff

Feedback to help you grow as a pastor

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