Welcome to our Family of Families! Whether you are a family of 1, 6 or 12, we want you to know that we are intentionally focused on reaching people for Christ, giving them a place to belong, and helping them
grow in their faith.

At Linwood, we have a place for you!


Linwood is part of a larger movement of churches and people known as The Wesleyan Church. To learn more about who The Wesleyans are click here.




History of Linwood


Linwood Church was founded in 1963 by Darrell and Ruby Wagner. Originally a small group meeting in the Wagner's home, Linwood has grown to be a dynamic and steady presence in the Sioux Falls community. The congregation moved into its current location in 1989. The gym and south addition were completed in 2005.


Our history includes planting churches locally and working with local ministries to impact the city of Sioux Falls. The gym is utilized by many community organizations and ministries. For us, it is all about adding value to the community and building a spiritual legacy that guides future generations.


Linwood Wesleyan Church

1101 E 57th Street

Sioux Falls, SD 57108



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